is where all proponents of cannabis may work together to legalize it and end prohibition.
You will find resources regarding the effects of cannabis on Health, Industry, and Society; Laws and Regulations commercial cannabis operators need to follow; and how you can ACT to end prohibition.
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Learn About the Many Benefits of Cannabis

Health Benefits

The health benefits of cannabis are irrefutable. From pain-relief to neurological improvement, it seems this truly is the amazing plant it is often made out to be.     Learn More...

Industrial Benefits

Cannabis and its cousin Hemp can be used to produce cloths and linens, sturdy paper, fire-resistant building material, and nutritional supplements.     Learn More...


Social Benefits

Everyone who's tried cannabis enjoys it. Here you will find information about its positive social effects as well as how to use it safely and legally.     Learn More...

How to End Prohibition

Want to help save cannabis? Here's what you can do to help.     COMING SOON!

The Hoppy Doc

These are all the state rights for California cannabis operators. Objectively, the best source for this info currently available.     Read It Now...