Download The Hoppy Doc here.

Compassionate Care Continues

I've spent many months locked in a room figuring out how to save my cannabis business from obliteration. Four people on our local city council defied democracy and issued a disgustingly broad ordinance that prohibits even medical cannabis, and it seemed to me that I -- we, all cannabis professionals, consumers, and supporters of any kind -- need to have legal protection for ourselves at the ready.

Finally, I have produced what I call "The Hoppy Doc", aka "How to Survive in the California Cannabis Industry". It is nothing but excerpts from California Health and Safety Code, thoroughly edited and highlighted so that anyone can understand. It seems to allow most cannabis businesses to continue as long as they operate only medically and deal only with qualified patients.

These are almost exactly the same rules that existed in SB 420 prior to Prop 64 passing in 2016, and many have already been following them for years. Using this, you may be able to continue as a cannabis cultivator, distributor, retailer, and in some cases even manufacturer, while also taking income to sustain your livelihood. Please note, there are limitations, as stated in the doc.

I'm not a lawyer. It is up to you to read this, as well as the law, in its entirety. Links to all of California state's cannabis laws can be found throughout. Consider getting a lawyer.

Compassionate care is alive and well, for those who know their rights.